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About Us

We are a private company of 20 years experience in showing Ethiopia to travellers. English speaking we take travellers off the beaten track using Toyota Landcruiser 4 wheel drives to get you to places near or far in safety.

Three options for creating your itinerary and providing a trip quotation:

1 – Just tell us the main places you would like to visit and the time you have available then we will put a trip together to meet your needs.

2 – Provide us with your full itinerary and we will advise you of any improvements or additions to make it truly memorable.

3 – Select one or more of our outline tour suggestions (from Where We Take You, shown below) and we will come back to you with a quotation and itinerary.


Always ready to please, Chucha has been a fantastic help in ferrying me around Ethiopia during my many years of travel in this wonderful country.
Trevor Jenner, England

Your Best Travel Guides

See where you want to go. Tell us and we will take you there.

For an in depth countrywide view of Ethiopia, its destinations both tourist and off-the-beaten-track Ethiopia Travellers’ Handbook illustrates all there is to see and do in Ethiopia. The book is in full colour throughout with over 600 maps and photographs to illustrate the magic of Ethiopia.

Also to help the traveller identify the amazing larger mammals of Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa now has its own field guide – a world first by Trevor Jenner.

All available worldwide online and in bookshops.

Where We Take You

We operate to the south of Addis Ababa as well as to the tourist hotspots north of Addis Ababa. Whether you want to go to the rock hewn churches of the north or to visit the ethnic tribal peoples of the Lower Omo Valley in the south, we can construct your itinerary, pick you up from the airport and provide you with a memorable holiday.

Just some of the places we visit

Tribal Peoples of the Lower Omo Valley – visit the unique remote peoples of the valley, visit their villages, go to their markets and attend their cultural ceremonies.

The Bale Mountains National Park – travel the highest all weather road in Africa, see the unique high altitude flora, observe the beautiful Ethiopian Wolf and visit the Dinsho Forest, Gaysay Grasslands, Sanetti Plateau and Harenna Forest.

Awash National Park – Stay in the lodge overlooking the Awash River Falls, seek the beautiful Soemmerring’s Gazelle and other inhabitants of the oldest National Park in Ethiopia – all within easy reach of Addis Ababa.

Harar & the East – travel beyond Awash to the famous ancient city of Harar. An old walled city of narrow alleyways just as they have always been. Stay in an amazing original Harari house for a refreshing overnight experience.

The North: Lalibela, Rock-hewn Churches, Axum – known as the northern circuit, see the incredible rock-hewn churches with amazing painted murals set in awe-inspiring landscapes. Experience Axum the city of an ancient Kingdom – see Sheba’s Palace ruins and the enigmatic stelae among other treasures.

Gondar, Ethiopia’s Camelot, Lake Tana & The Blue Nile – a collection of medieval castles of the Kings of this former capital city. Visit Bahir Dar with its lovely lakeside setting and access to the Blue Nile and its incredible falls.

Simien Mountains National Park – While in the north visit the park with Africa’s highest lodge and Ethiopia’s highest mountain at 4,550 mtr. Look out for the groups of gelada an interesting high altitude mammal endemic to Ethiopia’s mountains.

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